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• 2/9/2019
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• 8/13/2018

Jaegers status in PR and PR2

Coyote Tango is destroyed
Horizon Brave is destroyed
Romeo Blue is destroyed
Tacit Ronin is destroyed
Cherno Alpha is destroyed
Crimson Typhoon is destroyed
Gipsy Danger is destroyed
Striker Eureka is destroyed
Gipsy Avenger is destroyed
Bracer Phoenix is destroyed
Saber Athena is destroyed
Guardian Bravo is active
Valor Omega is destroyed
Titan Redeemer is destroyed
Murder Witch is destroyed
November Ajax is destroyed
Obsidian Fury is destroyed
Scrapper is destroyed

Guardian Bravo is the only active Jaeger in the PR2 movie.
Do you agree?
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• 6/19/2018

War with our "Sister Wiki."

As of 6/19/2018, ValorOmega has officially determined that his future will come out to be the same as that of BJF. He's screwed up for the last time on both this and the Pacific Rim Wiki. So, do we let the criminals in that wiki stay, or do we take action against them?
Waging War Custom Pacific Rim 2/Novels/ideas Wiki
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• 6/10/2018

Regarding certain content

So with Buildjaegersfans gone for good there remains the question of what to do with his content. I was tempted to just straight delete all his pages since they're pretty much all overly short and poorly written, but I decided to go through proper process instead to see if anyone wanted to adopt any of the pages to work on for themselves.

If you want a particular formerly BJF-owned page transferred to you, please mention it in this thread. It's first come first served, if two people want the same page we'll sort it out what happens with that when it actually happens.

You have three days, after which anything not claimed gets deleted.
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• 5/30/2018


My Fan-Made Jaeger is in need of Assistance. I'm working on the weapons, and so far I have Fangblades not unlike Tacit Ronin's, but not retractable and much larger. I need some ranged weaponry for this thing, and some that WORKS with the fighting style; said style is very acrobatic and melee-oriented, and relies heavily on mobility. Any ideas, all?
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• 5/20/2018

Pacific Rim Questions

I have been wondering about the mysteries in Pacific Rim 1 and 2.
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• 3/8/2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising

With Pacific Rim 2 coming out, there's a website called and there's also a Jaeger builder if you have a facebook account. I think this is our chance to make some new Jaegers or add pictures to old ones. My first one VV (dunno how to change the name)
Post image
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• 10/24/2017

Fan-made Jaeger Category

Since almost every single Jaeger and Kaiju in this Wikia is fan-made, is it not going to be more efficient to just categorize canon Jaegers anbd Kaijus, as Canon Jaegers instead?
Fan-made Category
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• 10/23/2017

Second Kaiju War

The Mark Status
Should every new year, starting fro 2027, be a new mark status?
Or we could follow Leap year, so that every Jaeger made in and after 2028, will be Mark-6, until 2032?
Or follow Olympics, which is every Jaeger in and after 2028, will be Mark-6, until 2030? 

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Which Mark scheme should we follow?  Annual 0 Leap Year 0 Olympics 0 Wait for Uprising! 0 The poll was created at 18:03 on October 23, 2017, and so far 0 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

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Have fun!
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• 3/1/2017

How to make images

I've noticed that a lot of the pictures on here are made using the official Jaeger maker... I think the website shut or something, does anyone know any other websites or creators for this sort of thing?
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• 7/25/2016

Bringin' back the forum!

Wow. no one's been on this forum in a loooooooong time. That being said, I'm new here and I hope it revives once the sequel movie comes out! I'm so pumped for it!
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• 3/3/2016

How do I add an image to the Jaeger infobox?

Title says it all, it says theres a place for images but can't figure out what URL to use for it.
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• 9/19/2015

my Profile Pic

Anyone like my Profile pic?
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• 8/6/2015

How to make details on a page

Guys, how do you make those tables on the right side of the page?
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• 6/7/2014

The Wiki's Colours

Currently I kinda dislike the bright blue and neon/fluro green scheme.
So, if anybody would like to suggest a new colourset do so now. The most popular choice will likely become the new colourscheme.
Template :D
Main colour:
Secondary (Links) colour:
Navbar (that thing at the top) colour:
Other colours and where they go (misc.):
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• 4/19/2014

The Resistance?

I'm thinking of a Rebel Group called the Resistance, they have outdated Steam-Powered Jaegers and fights the PPDC and Helps the Kaiju instead of Killing them.
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• 2/19/2014

Corinthian Gauntlet: overpowered or not?

Do you guys think that Corinthian Gauntlet is a Mary Sue? This issue has just been raised in the page's comments. Before you scream "yes of course it's a Sue with the flying and the teleporting and the loads and loads of guns" please hear me out.
I know CG is overpowered by the standards of PR's setting, but that's the whole point. My idea for the Arctic Defense Corps project is that all the Jaegers, Kaiju and everything else have to be scarily overpowered to even have a chance of hurting each other. It's meant to highlight just to how grim and brutal this sort of war can be.
Now you decide whether or not it's Sue, because as overpowered as it is compared to the canon and the rest of the serious fanon, it's pretty balanced given the state of things up North.
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• 2/14/2014

My Pacific Rim Fanfic, any suggestions?

This is the first chapter, I'm somewhat new at all this FanFic writing stuff, so please forgive me, but do you have any suggestions for the plot?

«Chapter One»

"Micky, could you get your mother please?"
Let's get something straight, I go by Nikki, my dad calls me Micky. I could hear his voice crackle with fear and confusion, so I obeyed, making my way into the front yard. My mother was working in the flower garden, humming happily to herself. I expected that. It was summer, she always tends to the flowers in summer.

I let the screen door slam behind be and walked to my mom, knelt next to her, and watched her nimble finger pull weeds from the soil. She blew strands of hair out of her face and turned towards me with a bright smile.
"Hey honey, what 'ya up to?" She asked, turning back to her work, scolding a worm that squeezed through her fingers. I shrugged.
"Dunno, Dad wants you."
Mom stood up and stretched.
"Mmmkay." She turned and headed inside our house. I watched her go, then stood up. Curiosity thundered through me, I wanted to know what Dad had to say. I got up off the grass and silently went inside and listened. From where I was, I could hear Dad well enough to know something was wrong.

"A Kaiju was spotted in the Pacific."
"It's on the news."
"Is it heading this way?"
There was a grave silence. I slowly krept into the living room. Both of my parents were staring at the screen of the T.V. When Dad spotted me, he turned it off, as if trying to hide something from me. I sat on the couch, next to my mom.
"I heard."
My dad avoided my gave, nodding slowly.
"Micky, on those drift tests that school gives you, are you positive, or negative?" My dad's voice was dark, and there was complete silence as he waited for my answer.
He glanced at the floor, as if he were cursing under his breath. I glanced at my mom. She too was staring at the floor.

That's when it happened. The earth beneath us began to shake. We lived in California, my first thought was earthquake. My mom grabbed my sleeve and dragged me towards the front door, my Dad behind us. That's how I knew, this was no earthquake.
A shadow was cast over my neighborhood, and when I looked up, I saw a sight that caused my blood to freeze. Towering above us was a ginormous creature. It was so tall, it's head seemed like it was the size of a mailbox. My body froze and I stared up at it as it demolished the neighborhood, crushing homes beneath it's feet. All around me, people were streaming from their homes, calling for one another. In the mob, my mom lost her grip on me, and I was alone, staring up at the Kaiju.
That's when someone grabbed my wrist. I snapped from my state of awe. I whipped my head around and saw Nicco dragging me away from the thing. He cast me a smile.
"You know scatter-brain, you're not supposed to stand around waiting to get stepped on."
Nicco's comment caused me to grin.
That fadded when a giant robot landed practically right in front of my face, causing my heart to leap into my throat. Nicco's speed jumped, and he ran a little faster, dragging me by my wrist. The two of us eventually found our way to my parents. Their faces were chalky white and they greeted me with a bear hug, at least, my mom did. My dad watched the Jaeger clash against the Kaiju through narrowed eyes, as if he didn't believe what was going on. Neither did I, but I watched, fascinated. Nicco whistled as he watched.
"I studied how big they were, but they're BIG." He commented. I nodded.

Mom turned to Dad, and they whispered to one another. I strained to hear, but couldn't hear what they were saying. My dad nodded, then turned towards me and Nicco.
"We're not safe here, we need to keep going."
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• 2/18/2014

Some ideas and PROMOTIONS for upcoming stories

I have two story ideas at the moment, here they are. If you have suggestions to expand the current ideas, or have some praise or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to give, please reply.
More detail on my sandbox.
Highlighted due to lack of replies, you lazy sods brought it on yourselves. (JOKING)

World War J
Alternate ending for the film followed by post-movie AU. Pitfall goes according to plan, and then a nuclear war happens.

Heavily-armed Kaiju Cultists go all-out guns-blazing vigilante vengeance on the Arctic Defense Corps.
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