Armageddon is a Mark Vl jaeger stationed in Los Angeles Shatterdome.

History Edit


  • It was stationed at Los Angeles Shatterdome, the pilots assigned are Nick Bale and Loise Bale. It had 13 Kaiju kills in total before its destruction in 2035
  • it had a total of 13 kaiju kills,assisted or by its own.
  • Trivia:it killed the Most kaijus with its cannons
  • It was destroy by the hybrid drone by shooting with it's own missiles on it's head.

Kaiju Killed Edit

category kaiju Place Team
2 Ragnarok Sydney Solo
5 Nemesis San Francisco Exo Starfall
5 PoisonBite Hongkong Valor Omega
4 Klaiceph Manila Azure Defiant
5 Ōkina Tsume Tokyo Solo
4 Egregior Anchorage Solo(but Arm Ripped of)
3 Spikejaw Sydney Valor Omega(got EMP'ed)
3 Progidar Tokyo Solo
5 Jaigantoiguiana Tokyo Solo
6 Rejingu Tokyo Solo
5 Supaikimonsuta Manila Solo(Paint Scratched)
4 Hanmaheddo Sydney Solo
drone Hybrid Drone Moyulan Shatterdome Valor Omega,Titan Redeemer(2032),Murder Witch

Features Edit

Armageddon,as it name implies,it relies on heavy firepower not only that,it relies on brute strength and combination of speed.its design was straight and blocky and lastly heavily armored similar to a tank.

one secret PPDC division's Goal was to create a Jaeger as tough as Cherno Alpha,Valor Omega and as fast as Striker was envisioned as a "Front-Line Jaeger" because it has heavy firepower and super dense armor made to absorb all hits while in duty.

Strength Edit

Armageddon can also rely on its brute force,enough to smash Ōkina Tsume's skull in a punch. its fists can be also used to squish kaiju limbs to bleed,but this was risky.

Armor Edit

Its armor only contributes 25% of its is one of the most heavily armored jaegers of the PPDC,but the Abrams X566 SuperliteMetal Bodywork counteracts its weigth.and aside from that,it has a built Weigth Distribution System to counteract all the load in the jaeger's bodyframe.

Speed Edit

Every Densely armored jaeger are slow but thanks to its G67 SuperDuty Accelerator Limbs,it allows the jaeger to run fast enough and dodge fast to evade kaiju attacks.The Limb armor was compacted and reinforced to make it lighter.

Armament Edit

Armageddon relies on heavy firepower,one of its famous weapon is its M1024 back cannons,which are similar to Coyote Tango's cannons except it retracts shorter when not in use.the other is M512 wrist cannons,the design was similar to an Abrams tank retracts backward to conceal it when not in use.another is the Plasma Blades,which is very similar to obsidian fury's blades but it has XD33 heat generators to produce another blade incase the blade got discarded or removed.armament accounts 50% of the jaeger's weigth.all cannons are made from composite reinforced steel the Abrams tank uses.

Trivia Edit

  • *Despite the weigth of its weapons,the Jaeger has a WDS(Weigth Distribution System)to counteract the weight of its all gears.
  • Armageddon's armor plates armor plates are made from composite armor including steel in the outer layer,fron the M1 Abrams
  • It an exert 60,000 pounds of force
  • The arm cannons are designed from the M1 Abrams turret.
  • Its back cannons can kill a Cat lll Kaiju in a hit.
  • The arm cannons can combine to form a stronger weapon,now it loks like a tank's turret.
  • It invokes the look of an M1 Abrams tank(specifically armor)
  • *The KO'n'Boom Power move is basically the Jaeger will do kickboxing the kaiju and throw it to a distance and then it will shoot its cannons to death.
  • If the Jaeger doesn't have the WDS,it would weigh 7568.33 tons.
  • The power core is a referance to the the engine the Abrams tank runs on (Honeywell AGT1500)
  • It is the predecessor of Blitzkrieg Armageddon.