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Bathala Alpha is a refurbished Mark-3 Filipino Jaeger. Part of the Kaluwalhatiang Ganap Strike Group, it is one of the 4 Jaegers formerly piloted by Maria and Juan. Upon the construction of the Manila Shatterdome and expansion of personnel it was re-delegated as the couple's official Jaeger. 


Salvaged from scrap, it was restored in secret by the Filipino government. Upon the attack of the Category-3 Kaiju Ondoy, it was officially launched and successfully defeated the Kaiju but sustained heavy damage.

An upgraded Bathala was launched again to fight off the Category-4 Kaiju Rosing.

Upon the construction of the Manila Shatterdome and expansion of personnel in 2017 Maria and Juan became its official its pilots. 


Bathala Alpha was built to endure long tours of duty and sustain as much damage from Kaiju attacks, equipped with heavy armor plating. Oppositely, its lack of speed makes it the slowest Jaeger in the Kaluwalhatiang Ganap strike group and vulnerable to attack from quicker enemies. Bathala's hands are heavily armored and also appear to be spring loaded, although they can be supplemented by hydraulics for increased impact potential. Similarly, Bathala's 220G Ele-Fists are powered by Tesla cells, allowing for a formation of simultaneous electric arc impulse, with force up to 415kv into the structure of Kaiju.

Before battle, Bathala taunts its enemies by smashing its fists together multiple times, similar to Cherno Alpha. Whenever this happens, interconnected panels on the Jaeger's torso fluctuate. Bathala's Conn-Pod, is equipped with a 90ER11 Amber Platinum vision with advanced Photochromic displays, allowing for four planes of situational awareness and an escape hatch at the top of its head. Bathala's foot spikes provide additional support and balance to the mechanism. They can be located in one point during patrol/guarding.