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Brûler is a category IV kaiju which appeared in the North Atlantic Ocean and attacked France in December 19, 2027. It retreated when it was attacked by Gipsy Danger 2.0 and Riesgo Blanco. It caused major damage to Paris, France before retreating back into the ocean.


Brûler was a horse-like kaiju which was incredibly fast. It had a long head, with an abnormal, strawberry-like pertrusion from its forehead. It used this to spit an oily substance which turns gaseous immediately when it comes into contact with a solid object, it is similar to fire, in that it burns, but this "fire" was green, and could burn through any material, melting metal in mere seconds. Its legs were almost exactly like that of a horse, which explains its incredible speed.


Brûler emerges from the Atlantic breach and begins to head towards France. The PPDC realize this and attempt to intercept its attack by sending the nearest Jaeger, Riesgo Blanco. Riesgo Blanco arrives barely before Bruler begins its attack on Paris, France. It spits the oily discharge at Riesgo Blanco, melting some of its armor. It then sprays the substance all over the city, causing major damage. The PPDC begin to realize that they are dealing with a very dangerous kaiju and send in another Jaeger, Gipsy Danger 2.0. Riesgo Blanco and Gipsy Danger outnumber Bruler, causing it to retreat, a new behavior in kaiju. It retreats back into the Atlantic breach.