Name:Centurion Fist

Mark IV

Centurion FIst
Technical Information
Given Name Centurion Fist
Launch Date 2024
Classification Mk. IV
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Peru
Jaeger Specifications
Height 260 feet
Weight 5,600 tons
Speed 4
Strength 12
Armor 11
Battle Specifications
Operating System GIGN Fusion X11
Power Moves Power Fist Slam
Kaiju Killed 17
Out-of-Universe information
Country: Peru


When it all began ... Edit

Before the event of the Pacific Rim happened, the United Nations was considering if the Jaeger Program should continue or to build an anti-Kaiju Wall, which would keep the Kaiju from attacking. A few chose to continue with the Jaeger Program and Peru was one of them. Peru argued that the anti-Kaiju Wall has more flaws than its key mission to protect humanity. Peru had a long argument with the United Nations representatives but to no avail. Many countries were determined to abandon the Jaeger Program in favor of the Anti-Kaiju Wall, the "Wall of Life".

Construction Edit

Peru planned the build the Jaeger "Centurion Fist" in the lima Shatterdome, but the facility was decommissioned to build the "Wall of Life". Peru started to build a smaller Shatterdome in the Andes Mountain range. It took Peru two years to construct the Shatterdome while it took one year to construct "Centurion Fist".

When Peru learned that the Kajiu Scourge, which destroyed 6 Jaegers, was heading towards Peru, the Wall of Life was incomplete and was not able to withstand the impact of the Kaiju's brute attack. Centurion Fist was launched in response. kaiju kills/ scourge,/ nightcrawler,/