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Chrono Monarch
ADC propaganda poster depicting Chrono Monarch in battle.
Technical Information
Given Name Chrono Monarch
Nickname(s) Chrono, Black King
Launch Date 2046
Status active
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Jaeger Specifications
Height 100 metres
Weight 5,000 tonnes
Speed 5
Strength 20
Battle Specifications
Weapons 1X antimatter pulse gun (right hand)

2X Nemesis Fist (left hand, right hand)

Pilots Matthew Jalius

Eléna Jonesen

Kaiju Killed SGR-75 Brutalisk II, Category V, Kelso, 2040

BFU-69 Ravager, Category II, North Sea, 2042.

Out-of-Universe information

Chrono Monarch is a British Jaeger, one of the last, largest and strongest Mark-5s to be constructed. Based at the Kelso Shatterdome in southern Scotland, it defends Britain against kaiju incursions from the North Sea Breach.


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Chrono Monarch is one of the most powerful single pieces of hardware in the Arctic Defence Corps' arsenal, and the first Jaeger built for the Monarch Project. It was one of the last Jaegers to make no use of either synthetic muscles or electrodynamic joints in its limbs, with its motive and manipulative systems bearing more resemblance to the mechanical joints of previous generations of Jaegers.

Service historyEdit

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1st solo confrontation: Brutalisk IIEdit

No immediate resistance was made to Brutalisk II's landfall in Scotland, as all the Jaegers of the Kelso Shatterdome were deployed in Sweden launching a counterattack against the sudden appearance of what would later become known as the Kristinehamn Incursion. With a Kaiju bearing down on the Monarch Project laboratories and the Kelso Shatterdome, and Chrono Monarch the only operational Jaeger in the area not disabled in the previous battle, the weary crew were forced to defend their home against the marauding abomination. Employing similar tactics to those used by Strike Group Monarch against the first Brutalisk, Chrono Monarch attempted to keep the kaiju's tusks at bay and maintain ranged combat through its Antimatter Pulse Cannon and continous psychic attack augmented by the anger of the crew. However the Precursors had adapted the Brutalisk body template from the original's defeat, improving the second creature with a stronger armoured hide and insulating brain tissue that prevented psionic attack. Monarch was beaten down and remained on the defensive for most of the engagement, only gaining the upper hand when its foe's skull was was finally perforated; even the smallest hole in the specialised tissue proved to be enough, allowing the enraged crew to launch a brutal mental attack, causing massive cranial haemorrhage and erratic brain activity akin to a simultaneous stroke and seizure on a grand scale. Its damaged skull was added to the ever-growing collection of gruesome trophies displayed outside the Shatterdome.

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