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Cutter is a Category 4 Kaiju that appeared in the second Kaiju War. It attacked Osaka before being killed by Katana Echo.


Cutter was much smaller compared to other Category 4 Kaiju, only standing at 467 feet on its hindlegs and 367 feet on all fours. It had a black body with blue markings all over it. Its head sported a V-shaped crest with its four blue eyes underneath and a flat face. The Kaiju also sported a long whip-like tail with a stinger that could open up and shoot acid. 


In the early years of the second Kaiju War, Cutter was deployed by the Precursors in retaliation for the humans self-destructing Gipsy Danger in their dimension. It made landfall in Osaka where it was intercepted by the new Mark-5 Jaeger Katana Echo. The Category 4 Kaiju wasted no time in engaging the Jaeger. After a fierce battle, Cutter met its end when Katana Echo used one of its Shockfang Blades to impale its head.


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