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Delta Jaeger or simply Delta is a Mark-III Australian Jaeger piloted by Arthur Jaeger and Marie Stark of the 501st Jaeger Corps of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps in Australia, housed in the Sydney Shatterdome. It is powered by a nuclear reactor, and is analogue. Its operation system is the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operation System. It was also the only Jaeger that survived Operation Pitfall. After Pitfall, it was relocated back to Sydney Shatterdome as the city's symbol.


Early Combat HistoryEdit

Delta Jaeger was constracted on Tasmania in January, 2016, one year before Gipsy Danger. It was then launched on July 6th on the same year piloted by 2 unarmed jaeger pilots, which protecting the coastlines of Syndey, Australia. It fought the Splinter Dieago along with the Matador Fury. While Matador was taken serious damage, Delta Jaeger was able to take it down and soon became a popular jaeger among the populance of Sydney. Delta even became the protector of Syndey.

Operation AntarcticaEdit

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Mark-III Restoration ProgramEdit

The Mark III Restoration Program was a dedicated program in restoring the surviving Mark-III jaegers, Delta went underground at Anchorage Shatterdome for repairs, and upgrades alongside Gipsy Danger. It obtained new modifictions, hull. It also gotten a operation system upgrade of the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operation System at the request of Howard Stark.

But when the United States annoucned the closure of the Anchorage Shatterdome, it was relocated to Hong Kong Shatterdome alongside Gipsy Danger, Cherno Alpha and Striker Eureka.

Obsidian FuryEdit

As Sydney's symbol, Delta was used for the Pan Pacific Defense Corps council and was told to look "Pretty". This made the pupblic very happy to see their Jaeger icon. However, the rogue jaeger, Obisidian Fury emerges from the waters and entered the city.

Arthur commanded the rouge jaeger pilot to shut down and exit the Conn-Pod. When the pilot did not comply, Arthur commanded the second time before Fury fired a hail of missiles, hitting Delta and causing it to back onto the large building be hide it. Getting a bearing, Delta charged towards and tackled the jaeger, however it was soon kicked off and into another building.

As Delta got up, Fury was able to fire at the helicopter Mako Mori was on, instantly destroying. In regret that they could not save her, Arthur told his co-pilot Marie to that they're going to take that jaeger down. In the effort, Delta took out Excalibur and attempted to slice its Conn-Pod, but it was blocked with a twin set of plasma swords. In the confusion of Arthur, Fury was able to use its plasma sword to slice Delta's right leg off, and its left arm. As Delta fell, 3 other yaegers appeared, including Gpsy Avegnger. Fury then retreated and it escaped

Hong Kong IncidentEdit

Operation PitfallEdit

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After the rangers regrouping, Delta along with Striker and Gipsy were deployed to the Marianas Trench to take out the Breach. As they got closer to the Breach, they were cut off by the raiju, Scunner and Slattern. Due to Delta colossal size, Arthur and Marie assited into securing Striker from the Raiju. However, it was taken by surprised of a sudden third kaiju, the Omega Kaiju and forced Delta away from Striker, seperating them. Suffering damage on the right leg joint, Delta was just barely able to deflect a attack with Excalibur. Arthur told Marie to use Force Back, sending away to get more organized strikes. As the Omega dives at Delt, Arthur and Marie was able use Excalibur and direct it into the Omega's mouth, and cut its head off. However, it sustained great damage on its leg, crippling its mobility. But this time, it braced for the nuclear explosion caused by Striker. Soon, Raleigh informs Delta on their plan, and they helped Gipsy to the Breach and allowed them to enter.

After the battle, Delta returned back to Hong Kong Shatterdome, and both Arthur and Marie were hailed as heroes alongside Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori.


Delta Jaeger is a heavly fortified Yaeger, whose hull is highly dense, granting it immense durability on attacks and assaults. With heavy arour plating, it is able to withstand intense pressure underwater, more so then any Jaeger. It's color is blue, with 2 red circles on the chestplate. Its forearms sports the Delta in uppercase (Δ). Down on its lower legs are also heavily fortified, including the joints that grants increase protection.

Delta equipment with 2 primary weapons, the classified sword "Excalibur", a powerful sword that emits a field of plasma and in a type of particle field to give a physical form. Excalibur is Delta's strongest offensive weapon, able to cut though almost anything, it is used on Category IV kaiju's and is more effective on jaegers. It's second primary weapon is the plasma caster, which is said to be slightly more advanced then the I-19 Plasmacaster with more power and strength.

Delta's operating system is the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, a extraordinary artificial intelligence system, the AI helps the Delta's pilots in many processing actions of sensory equipment, and the detection of damage, and oxygen supplies. The AI and its name itself is named after GLaDOS from the Portal series.

Kaiju KilledEdit

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Delta Jaeger, assisted or on its own.

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