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Delta Skärare is a Swedish Mark-7 Jaeger commissioned to by the Arctic Defense Corp and constructed by Omnicorp counter attacks on Northern Europe during the Second Kaiju War.

ADC propaganda poster depicting Delta Skärare in combat with both swords extended

Design and unique featuresEdit

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At the time of Delta Skärare's construction, Kaiju were beginning to learn that Jaegers with Cherno Alpha-style head units had their Conn-pods located in the torso. For this reason Delta's head was made to resemble Cherno's, however the Conn-pod was actually located in the head, in order to confuse Kaiju when an impaling blow to the chest failed to kill Delta's pilots. This would allow the element of surprise and let Delta get the upper hand in fights. It is currently credited with one solo Kaiju kill: SGR-77 Koyansu, Category III, Stockholm, 2040, as well as multiple kaiju kills achieved in cooperation with other Jaegers.

Delta's power source is classified, but is believed to be some form of antimatter-matter annihilation device; like most of Delta's systems it was developed by Finnish robotics firm Omnicorp.

Its pilots, non-identical twins Joakim and Alek Srudkun, had large speakers custom fitted to Delta Skärare's head unit, which are used to taunt Kaiju by playing heavy metal music during battle.

Delta's "flight pack", a combination of contra-gravity technology and rocket engines, does not allow allow for true flight but its extremely precise motor control and the excellent reaction time of its pilots limited piece of apparatus and perform otherwise impossible feats of agility through shifting the machine's mass.

Delta is largely constructed of, duranium[1], neutronium[2] and other extremely dense elements, with the cockpit and power source armour constructed of incredibly resilient tetraneutronium[3].

Service historyEdit

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Delta Skärare is a primarily close-combat oriented Jaeger, equipped with wrist-mounted retractable swords on both arms and a pair of head mounts for single-shot disposable high-calibre cannons.


Delta Skärare's theme tune is Creeping Death by Metallica


  1. A fictional, non-radioactive, incredibly dense isotope of uranium named as a pun on "durable" and "uranium".
  2. A hypothetical "element zero" on the periodic table, incredibly dense and made entirely of neutrons.
  3. A fictional form of neutronium made entirely of tetraneutrons, hypothetical particles consisting of four neutrons bound together in a manner that defies real-life nuclear physics.