Driftlink is a short story involving Blazing Starlight


"Sheesh, what use is training in Russia, Alison?"

"Don't ask me, Herc told us to." Alison Choi, promoted from munitions, was honest. "You two are tight."

"Yeah, but remind me why we are running EVA."

As a reply formed in Ruby's mouth, Sapphire cut in. "Sahaquiel."

"Anyway, I'll be after a biscuit, so see you in a minute."

The line to Alpha Shatterdome cut out.

"Well, Sa- AARRGGHH!!"

Alison turned and ran back.

"Starlight! Starlight! What is it?"

Out in the distance, the Plasmatyphoon wheels began rotating.

"Alison! We have positive on Flywheel A! No-"

An alarm sounded and Alison ran over.

"We're being hacked! Detonate cable bolts!" She paused.

"Oh... no."

Sapphire panicked. No! I have to fix this! Ruby, out of nowhere, smashed into her.


"Ruby! Where are we?"

"According to Drift: 1001 facts about the Jaeger Connection, we are "inside" the Drift. This is mentally impossible, but as the kingpins, us, have been replaced then here we are. But we theoretically have no method of control. And I know from feeling the Jaeger that the cable has been blown.


Alison yelled at the holo-screen. "We have lost mentals on both pilots. Drift kingpins Kaiju."

Herc stared at the screen. "Kaiju?!"

"Yes. The system has been hijacked."

"Alison! We have locks on both."


"In the Drift. Power down and they die."

"1:16. We may die."

"Yes, but one last thought- If the link is to the Anteverse, could we crack open the Drift?"

"Yes, but we would have to hack into the hivemind. Sapphire, no!"

With 32 seconds left, the LOCCENT exploded.

Plasma wounds charred the smoking port support which plugged into the LOCCENT. The starboard support was dangerously savaged. People scrambled out of the hunk of metal which spilled debris onto the frozen wasteland.


A Plasmatyphoon blast equivalent to ten minutes from a Category Five penetrated seventeen bulkheads and murdered eighty. Metal blazed under the Shatterdome as flak spirals ignited in the heat of the suspension pulses.

An alarm sounded in the distance and Sapphire dissolved. "Sis!"

She noticed that everything seemed fuzzy, almost, but there was definitely something hovering up there. Reaching out, it recoiled back, vanished, and Ruby fell back, faint.

A cutter blazed into the sky. "Hey, we have a hole!"

"Good. Lock the rope and break in."


A gunshot scattered the raiders, except for the one hanging over the hole, holding a gun.