Gehara Major
Technical Information
Given Name Gehara Major
Launch Date 2018
Classification Mark-4
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Mexico
Jaeger Specifications
Height 270 ft.
Speed 10
Battle Specifications
Pilots Eber Delgado (deceased)

Aura Delgazo (deceased)

Kaiju Killed 4
Out-of-Universe information
Gehara Major was a Mark-4 Mexican Jaeger. It was launched in July 2018. Gehara Major is piloted by twins Aura and Eber Delgazo.


Gehara Major defended Mexico from Kaiju attacks since 2018, with a record of four confirmed Kaiju kills. It is a Mark-4 Jaeger. It was destroyed in an ambush by the Kaiju Skoloponthra, losing its left arm and lower body. Eber managed to survive the ambush but later died of his wounds.


Gehara Major was dark orange in appearance. It had great mobility during combat.

Kaiju Killed Edit

Kaiju category Location Jaeger Team
Thuntora 3 tailand eden assasin
Onyragon 4 china winter wolf
Phanrugon 4 united states hydra corinthian
Aurorogon 2 unknown solo