Grace Anderson is a secondary character in Pacific Rim: Downfall. She pilots Valor Omega along with Ashleigh Jameson until her death in 2067.

Grace Anderson
Biographical information
Birth name Grace Ally Anderson
Nickname(s) Weirdo, Purple Blockhead, Badass Goth Girl
Physical description
Hair Purple
Eyes Green
Height 5'1"
Career information
Jaegers Piloted Valor Omega
Partner(s) Ashleigh Jameson
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim: Downfall

Personality Edit

Gothed-Out, Spoiled, Bratty, Caring (sometimes), Mean. Grace is sometimes a very spoiled, gothed-out girl, but, to the younger members of the PPDC, or specifically the cadets, she acts like a big sister to the cadets.

Meeting Kip Stratmann Edit

At the mall one day, a boy who was younger than her (the boy looked like his age was between 9 & 13) walked by Grace and her friends. Grace insulted the boy. The boy didn't reply and just walked away. Grace immediately felt bad and went up to the boy to apologize. The boy was super nice and Forgave her. Grace asked the boy his name and the boy said his name was Kip. Grace said her name was Grace. Kai Zerros walked by and Asked who Kip is. Kip introduces himself to Kai and Grace and Kip become friends.

Kip's Seizure & Grace's Death?? Edit

Kip was solo piloting by himself inside Gipsy Lightning. Kip immediately felt unsafe, but it was too late and he had been locked in an epileptic seizure, kind of. "OH SHIT!" Said Kip. Grace and Ashleigh felt bad for Kip. When titan leaped on to holotype, Holotype threw Titan at Lightning and Kip ended up suffering a seizure. Holotype smashed Kip's Jaeger and Grace shouted "KIP!!!" She took off her helmet when suddenly the missile from Holotype Brave struck Omega, Killing Grace. Ashleigh's Status is unknown to this film after Grace died.

Reuniting with Kip Edit

Grace is revealed to not be fully dead, as she is only 5% dead in the left side of her skull/brain. She re-welcomes Kip to the Jaeger Program (FFCA and PPDC). Everyone is so happy, they throw a party cause Kip is back. Until the aftermath of their final battle, she and the others say goodbye to Kip. Kip says to himself after saying goodbye to the others, "Goodbye Jaeger Program, Hello Home".

Trivia Edit

  • She likes Kip.
  • She is the same as the other Grace Anderson, except she appears in Pacific Rim: Downfall with a Different middle name and different eye color.
  • Her age is EXTREMELY Questionable in Downfall, but in downfall, she claims to be somewhere between 15 and 19 in age.
  • During the drift with Ashleigh Jameson, There was an error in the pons headset and it showed Kip dying from a seizure.
  • She is mean at the beginning, but later caring.
    • She may have had a change of heart, because of Kip.

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