jaegers destroyed/ phoenix delta,/ turqoise echo,/ colossal slayer,/

Technical Information
Given Name Haiyan (or Yolanda)
Breach Date November 18, 2030
Category Category 4
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 381 feet (85.64 meters)
Weight 3,000 Tons
Speed 7
Strength 10
Armor 9
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Intelligent, tries to break conn-pods
Toxicity Low
Powers Fast legs

Large claws that can tear open conn-pods

Weaknesses Ribs, heart, knees
Target Information
City Targeted Manila, Philippines


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On November 18, 2030, a Category 4 Kaiju, codenamed Haiyan after the super typhoon that hit areas of The Philippines in November, 2013, emerged from the Pacific Breach. Phoenix Delta, Turqoise Echo and Colossal Slayer were sent to protect Manila and to neutralize Haiyan. Phoenix Delta was assigned to hold the Miracle Mile as Turqoise Echo and Colossal Slayer proceeded to intercept the kaiju. The kaiju leapt out of the water and Colossal Slayer attacked with a move that would soon be known as one of their signature moves. The jaeger deployed it's sword, ran towards the kaiju while it was in mid-air and attempted to slice Yolanda's legs. Although the jaeger did not succeed, the move was very effective. Turqoise ran towards the kaiju as well, punching it multiple times and then using it's Incinerator Turbines to burn the kaiju. The kaiju gained dominance of the battle when it tried to slash open the conn-pods of Turqoise Echo and Colossal Slayer. While the two jaegers where trying to recover, Phoenix fired 3 missiles from it's chest launcher before the kaiju got too close. Colossal Slayer, fully recovered, proceeded to help Phoenix by firing at Yolanda with it's Plasmacaster. The kaiju fell and Turqoise went over to give it one last punch. The three jaegers then kicked the dead kaiju and returned back to Perth .