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Infinity Blade is a Mark VI Jaeger designed to combat Category V's that came from the breach in 2029. A Joint-Project between Germany and the United States, they eventually came up with a balanced Jaeger that was capable of destroying Kaiju's quickly. It was originally stationed at the California Shatterdome, they moved it to Berlin after a Category VI invaded Germany.

Infinity Blade
Infinity Blade
Technical Information
Given Name MTS-44
Nickname(s) SwordFury
Launch Date 2030
Classification Mark VI
Status Decommisioned
Country of Origin USA
Jaeger Specifications
Height 262 ft.
Weight 2,200 tons
Speed 17
Strength 14
Armor 16
Battle Specifications
Operating System FAST Operating System
Energy Core Double Core T25 Nuclear Reactor
Weapons 2 MKX2 Chain Swords,
Body Language P91 Suit - Cobham 2.0
Power Moves Sword Fury
Pilots Ray Karter & Simon Karter
Out-of-Universe information


Infinity Blade was created in 2029 in response to the Second Kaijiu War. A Joint Project between Germany and the United States. Eventually, the UN voted that they should make a quick Jaeger equiped with Cobham 2.0 and the new MKX2 Chain Sword. The new Jaeger, designated MTS-44, incorporated a Double-Core T25 Nuclear Reactor, was fast, but the armor was twice as much as Cherno Alpha.

It was first deployed in 2029, when a Category VI Kaiju emerged from the breach. It was deployed and effectively killed the Kaiju, which was headed toward Los Angeles.

Later in 2030, during the first double Category V event, it fought off both Kaiju and after suffering heavy damage, eventually killing them both.

In 2031, they salvaged parts from the old Romeo Blue and equipped the Infinity Blade with a MKX3 Combat Sword, and Infinity Blade was moved to Berlin. After another Precursor Jaeger emerged, causing havoc in Berlin, it was sent to combat it. The Precursor Jaeger dissapeared, and Infinity Blade returned back to the Berlin Shatterdome.

2 Days Later, Infinity Blade had to combat a Category VI that emerged from the breach, effectively killing it. 20 minutes afterwards, they got notice that the Precursor Jaeger Silver Shadow returned to Berlin, and ended in a large battle.

Conflict - Infinity Blade vs Silver ShadowEdit

The battle of Infinity Blade and Silver Shadow resulted in losses of both side. Infinity Blade was superior in speed, but Silver Shadow tore apart the Jaeger with it's powerful hands. At the end, Infinity Blade was nearly destroyed by Silver Shadow, but then used an EMP strike, disabling the Precursor Jaeger. They killed the Precursor, then took the Jaeger. Now, Infinity Blade is located at New Jersey.