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A Mark-V Jaeger stationed in Tokyo, Katana Echo is one of the more recent Japanese Jaegers created in the Second Kaiju War. It is piloted by the Oroko Sisters, Natsumi and Miyuki.


Katana Echo has similar body traits to Tacit Ronin and Coyote Tango. It has the digitigrade legs of Tacit Ronin and Crimson Typhoon but its body build is much like that of Coyote Tango. It has a purple color scheme with some blue highlights. 

Additional informationEdit


  • AKM (Anti-Kaiju Missiles) launchers in chest and shoulders, each with 50 missiles.
  • Both hands transform into a Plasmacaster.
  • Electrified "Shockfang" Blades in both wrists 

Body Language:Edit


Signature moves: Edit

Striking Crane 

Stealthy Fox  

Current Status:Edit


Kaiju Killed:Edit

Cutter (Category 4, Osaka, February 8th, 2027)

Malevolence (Category 4, Sapporo, June 7th ,2027)

Shadowfright (Category 4, Off the coast of Okinawa, October 1st, 2028)

Nightmare (Category 4, Off the coast of Okinawa, October 1st, 2028)