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"You want to play stupid, Kai?! Then let's play stupid!" -Kip Stratmann

Not to be confused with Kip Burns.

Kip Stratmann is a Major Character who first appears in Pacific Rim: Downfall and later appears in Pacific Rim Downfall: Ascension.

Biological Information Edit

Name: Kip Stratmann

Nicknames: Kippy

Jaegers Piloted: Gipsy Lightning, Gipsy Titan

Personality: Sweet, Tough, Intelligent

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Status: Alive

Partners: None

Citizenship: Canadian

Meeting Kai and Grace Edit

When he met Grace, Grace asked for his name. He introduced himself to Grace and Grace introduced herself to Kip. When he met Kai, They also became friends.

The Seizure Edit

Kip was piloting Gipsy Lightning by himself. When Kip was bumped into by Valor Omega and Gipsy Titan, Kip bashed his head against the Conn-Pod Croak (the back middle of a Conn-Pod) And Holotype Brave deployed her chainsaws and Sliced Lightning's Left arm. "AAAAAAAGH!" Screamed Kip. Kip was suffering a seizure. But, Kip unknowingly kicked the "Eject" button and saved himself.

Jaeger Program Edit

He left the Jaeger Program cause the Seizure was really Painful, and he did not want to bash into other peoples' jaegers. So he, along with Kai left the jaeger program. As the boy left, Grace Begged the latter to return. Kip said fine and he returned. Everyone was so happy he returned, they threw a welcome back party in the Shatterdome for Kip. At the ending, Kip is later seen flicking/shifting through some cards, with a backpack, saying goodbye to Kai, Grace and the Others. Then he is seen saying "Goodbye, Jaeger Program, Hello Home."

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