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Leatherneck Omega
Technical Information
Given Name Leatherneck Omega
Nickname(s) The Grim Reaper
Launch Date January 16, 2026
Classification Mark VI
Status destroyed in 2055
Country of Origin United States of America
Jaeger Specifications
Height 260ft(79m)
Weight 1,300 Tons
Speed 9
Strength 9
Armor 8
Battle Specifications
Equipment T/Y Escape Hatch

T-20 Dragon Wings

Operating System Blue Spark Gen 3
Energy Core Boeing X-110 Fusion Reactor
Weapons DG6 Chain Swords

AK-900 Anti Kaiju Shotgun

DK-70 Energy Blades

MZ-700 Plasma Rifle

S-11 Pulse Launcher

Body Language U.S. Marine/Brawler/Assassin
Power Moves Air Assassination

Getsuga Tenshō

Juggernaut Mode 2.0

Pilots Rex Wilson

Liza Clark(formerly)

Ryan Wilson

Kaiju Killed 19
Out-of-Universe information
 Leatherneck Omega is an American Mark VI Jaeger developed and built by the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy using the combat data from Devildog Ruler. It is stationed at the Camp Lejeune Shatterdome alongside the the Russian Mark IV Noveria Alpha as part of Guardian gods striker team

History Edit

First Deployment & Defence of IstanbulEdit

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pacific rim 2 Edit

one of the mark 6 jaegers that took part in the last line of defence.



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Operating SystemEdit

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Energy CoreEdit

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Kaiju KillsEdit


  1. Shadowstrife-Category 4, solo
  2. Cerberus-Category 5, valkyrie prime


Lestherneck Omega's 1st theme song is Freedom by Pharrell Williams

It's theme song after receiving Mark VIX upgrades is Marinestep by Fantazmique