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Lieutenant Pyro
Preferred form via Cloak of Madness
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant

Jaeger Pilot

Age Unknown
Status Alive - Probably
Physical attributes
Height Can be changed at will via the Cloak of Madness
Weight Can be changed at will via the Cloak of Madness

Lieutenant Pyro is a character from Pacific High: Tales From Yeah, 00ps.  She does not gain a definite appearance until about Chapter 3 or 4, finally using the Cloak of Madness to change into a preferred form. 


Practically none. The story she's told Stacker Pentecost is that in an attempt to adopt the Chibidome from RikaHara (who was unwilling to give it up) using the Cloak of Sueness, the entire thing got copied over. And then some. 

So now, there are Chibi Jaegers, Chibi Kaiju, Teenage Jaegers, and somehow an adult human sized Slattern running around. And for some reason, despite there being only one copy of each Chibi, there's doubles of the Jaegers! One male and one female copy of each, excluding the Crimson Typhoon Triplets. 

The CloaksEdit

Pyro, in her dimensionally screw-logic wardrobe, just happens to have a bazillion Cloaks of power. Each Cloak tends to be focused on a specific power of ability, which can lead to Pyro wearing mutliple Cloaks at a time. Every Cloak can change form, but Pyro keeps them as an all-encompassing shapeless drape-like form with a hood. No sleeves, barely dragging on the ground, and with a fancy intricate pattern trim on all of them.  

Known Cloaks:Edit

  • The Cloak of Mystery: a dark blue trimmed Cloak that prevents any knowlege about the apperance of the wearer being remembered. The effect is such that someone looking at the wearer would not even remember their gender, even if hearing them speak. Can combo with the Cloak of Madness to ensure the wearer's true form isn't remembered. 
  • The Cloak of Madness: a deep red trimmed Cloak that allows the wearer to change apperance and form at will - such as changing from a small little girl into a giant man that could tower over Aleksis. Can be worn over the Cloak of Mystery. 
  • The Cloak of Sueness: a Cloak of perfection in its utmost form. It grants the wearer pure beauty and form, no matter what they are, and gives them the powers of gods themselves. Everything from reality warping to magical anythings, this Cloak can do it and shall do so. A very corrupting Cloak, only to be used very, VERY carefully. Rumoured to be scentient; knowing the wearer and the best ways to corrupt them - will also try its best to use as much power as often as possible. It will take a single command and interpret it as a strategy. 
  • And probably a billion more I'll have to put here later.