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Lily is a british non-pedigree ginger-and-white shorthair kitten owned by Sapphire Gem.

Technical Information
Given Name Lily
Kaiju Species Kitten
Breach Date N/A, breach likely hidden in wash from larger kaiju
Category I, often suspected to be 10000 times less than that.
Status Alive
Origin Anteverse cat
Kaiju Specifications
Height 20cm
Weight 6lb
Speed 0
Strength 0
Armor 1
Battle Information
Attack Behavior ULTRA CUTE!
Toxicity Non-existent
Powers Excessive cuteness
Weaknesses Everywhere a normal kitten is weak.
Target Information
City Targeted None
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
None, though mascot of Dual Hawk.


The sirens blared throughout the shatterdome. Sapphire swung her legs off the top bunk and dropped a couple of metres. Ruby was still asleep. Typical. Anyway, she could press a button on her smartphone which activated a horn she had hidden under Ruby's bed. "Lily!"
The ginger kitten opened her mouth in a massive yawn. Sapphire knew that she had been fed. She always checked the CatFeed meter.
Sapphire was at the door within seconds, Lily at her heels. "Let's go." The Shatterdome was quiet, however it was busier near places such as the mess hall and LOCCENT, where the two of them arrived.
"Where is it?"
"The system is trackin-" Tendo's voice was cut off by beeps.
"Hong Kong... Shatterdome... LOCCENT... right next to this workstation."
All eyes fell on Lily.
"SHE'S A KAIJU?!!?!?!?"
"Dual Hawk scrambling."
More sirens blared, adding to the growing cacophony.
The Jaeger's arm lifted, fingers rotating into the PlasmaLauncher configuration.
"Dual Hawk PlasmaLauncher firing in sixty seconds."
"We really need to shorted the countdown."
Sparks of plasma plummeted sixty metres, leaving glowing craters.
The plasma globe bubbled violently. A spark hit LOCCENT, destroying a bulletproof Plexiglass window. A storm flooded in.
"Plasma destabilising. Launch in five seconds. Four. Three. Two. One." A shockwave hit the LOCCENT, causing Sapphire to drop the phone. Lily pounced on it. You couldn't see anything; the area was surrounded by white and heat scorched surfaces.

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