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Monarch Regent
Technical Information
Given Name Monarch Regent
Nickname(s) The Doctor


Launch Date December 24, 2024
Classification Mark V
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Jaeger Specifications
Height 260ft(79m)
Weight 1,900 Tons
Speed 7
Strength 7
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Operating System Excalibur Shield 9.0
Energy Core Pendragon Fusion Reactor
Weapons MD-70 Sonic Disrupter

Assault Mount 4 "Scythe-Blades"

Body Language Knight/Time Lord
Power Moves Sonic Screwdriver

Excalibur Cero

Pilots Connor Weston

Sean Price

Kaiju Killed 8
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Aftermath
 Monarch Regent was a British Mark V Jaeger assigned to the Cardiff Shatterdome alongside the American Mark III Jaeger Marine Alpha.


First deployment & Defence of CardiffEdit

Coming soon.

Features Edit

MD-70 Sonic Disruptors

Assault Mounted 4 " Scythe-Blade"