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This is our shared universe where Pacific Rim and Monsterverse clash. It also includes references from Gundam. Others are welcome to join.

Universe Description Edit

This universe is a crossover between Pacific Rim and the Monsterverse. The entire sequence of events has been changed to fit both timelines. The following are descriptions of key Pacific Rim elements, and how they'll be mashed in with Monsterverse.

Timeline Edit

This universe follows the Monsterverse timeline. Thus, the "precursor" element is completely deleted, and replaced by the Monsterverse beasts. The first prototype jaeger rolled off the production line in 2007, not 2015.


The PPDC is a sub-branch of Monarch, founded in 1991 by Dr. Ishiro Serizawa. It was born out of Serizawa's desire to prepare humanity against the "hyperfauna" that he had researched all his life, namely Godzilla, Kong and King Ghidorah. PPDC is a covert organization, with Shatterdomes located in elusive areas near top-secret military bases around the Pacific. The PPDC's structure and operational methods are identical to the Pacific Rim canon.

Jaegers Edit

This universe's Jaegers are similar to those in Pacific Rim, albeit a lot closer to the early Mk.I's in terms of size and mass. They are around 280 feet tall, weigh close to 8,000 tons, and are piloted by two Rangers via the Drift. However, their purpose is to destroy any monsters under scrutiny by Monarch. Thus, some jaegers are deployed to hotspots like Isla de Mona, in which monsters are believed to exist.

There are a total of 72 jaegers, each named after one of Solomon's 72 demons. 6 mark classifications exist, with 12 jaegers per generation. Jaegers 1~12 are Mk.I, 13~24 Mk.II, 25~36 Mk.III, 37~48 Mk.IV, 49~60 Mk.V, 61~72 Mk.VI. The first jaeger, Bael Precursor, was launched in 2007. There is a 2-year gap between jaeger generations.

The jaegers from Mk.I~III are similar in ability to those in Pacific Rim. That's to say, they're no match for Godzilla. Mk.IV~VI were created after the "Godzilla vs MUTO" fiasco in 2014, and feature advancements like nano-tech, flight and beam weapons. Although much smaller, they are capable of matching Godzilla.

Kaiju Edit

The kaiju in this universe are Monsterverse beasts, not the precursor-controlled ones from Pacific Rim. This means that although less numerous, they are individually far deadlier than the Pacific Rim kaiju. Every kaiju is under close scrutiny by Monarch. If any one of them awakens, the PPDC's jaegers are tasked with bringing them down. When Godzilla awakened in 2014, the Mk.I, II, and III jaegers were powerless to stop it.

Each type of Kaiju could be classified through 6 main stages or categories based upon abilities and behavioural traits, but there was also a special seventh category that few Kaiju even had the genetic potential for.

  • Category 1: Kaiju was driven completely by instinct. (Profile Colour: Grey)
  • Category 2: Kaiju knew enough to avoid detection. (Profile Colour: Grey)
  • Category 3: Kaiju could avoid capture and few had unique powers. (Profile Colour: Grey)
  • Category 4: Kaiju could strategise on how to capture prey. (Profile Colour: Grey)
  • Category 5: Kaiju is fully aware and has the mental capacity to solve complex problems. (Profile Colour: Blue)
  • Category 6: Most of the Kaiju in this stage are the most intelligent creatures on the planet, with their intellect being comparable to humans and most if not all had extremely deadly abilities. (Profile Colour: Red)
  • Category 7: These Kaiju are on an entirely different level from the other creatures. They possess very destructive powers and abilities capable of wiping out entire cities and habitats. One such Kaiju that is classified here is Godzilla. (Profile Colour: Green)

Characters Edit

Kai Zerros- She is a major biology nerd and is fascinated with nature.

Kira Zerros- The sister of Kai. She always seems to attract trouble to herself and those around her.

Skylar Akerson- Kai's best friend and secret lover.

Latoria Maruchie- A smug and outgoing Jaeger Pilot.

Abigail Davis- She may look stern and cold at first glance but she is your typical teenage girl when you get to know her.

Courtney Sheldon- A security robot who gained sentience. She aspires to become more human.

Petra Okita- A chubby Jaeger Pilot who is the best friend of Grace. She is very clumsy and easily tricked.

Samantha Burns- A former high school jock which fell to the temptations of fast food. She yearns for the respect and adoration she once had.

Kip Stratmann- She is a patriotic pilot who people made fun of as an "idiot with no real piloting skills".

Andrew Katagiri- TBA

Sydney Tei- TBA

Arlette Quess- TBA

Pamela Anderson- A daring adventurer who usually breaks the law in her quest for thrills.

Cassandra Irma- TBA

Squads Edit

Beast Force Edit

Jae-Eun Han- TBA

Seung-Hwa Kai- He is one of the best Jaeger Pilots currently at MONARCH's disposal. He has an extremely reckless style of piloting which often gets others into danger rather than himself.

Yuna Song- TBA

Kyung-Soo Kwon- TBA

Shung Dae-Jun- The leader of the team and a very loyal and honourable person on the battlefield.

Kilo Company Edit



Fordo-Tech specialist



VMFA-77 Shezarr Team Edit




VMFA-77 Jeddah Team Edit

Tamara Daniels- She is the pilot of the infamous Vidar Kimaris and goes by the codename 'Overlord'.

Grace Anderson- She is a Jaeger Pilot who acts as a big sister to younger cadets.

Cera Andrews-TBA

Penelope Schwartz-TBA

Riku Hinata-TBA

Asashi Reo-TBA

IBRIS Recon Sisters Edit

Blue- Blue was the alpha of the pack. Unlike her other, Blue makes conscious decisions about her allegiances and the company she keeps.

Echo- In her youth, Echo battled her sister Blue for pack dominance. She lost, and had to get reconstructive surgery on her jaw after the encounter.

Charlie- Charlie is the youngest of the sisters. Her green color pattern comes from the Iguana DNA infused within her genome.

Delta- Each of the IBRIS Recon Sisters is unique. Delta was created using more bird DNA than her sisters. This makes her a little more of a problem solver.

39th Panzergrenadier Division Edit


21st Rapid Incursion Squadron Edit


Jaegers Edit

Are Goetia Edit

Gremory Grievous

Valfor Reaper

Galaxy Flauros

Astaroth Cullinan

Tector Gusion

Bael Precursor / Bael Reincar

Balam Ragnorak

Agares Arbalest

Zagan Vortex

Phenex Scorn

Barbatos Rasiel

Vidar Kimaris

Seere Hegemon

Beleth Strafe

Yuhana Vual

Armistice Dantalion

GTR Ronobe

Glasvalabolas Tanker

Paimon Blitzwing

Maiden Firfur

Bune Nightcrawler

Bathin Kabutops

Eligor Fist

Forneus Ahava

Sytry Yggdrasil

Zeromaru Andromalius

Mecha Godzilla

Fang Buster

AMX-56X-X Moonlord

Grunts Edit

Mk.11C Ains

Mk.18 Geronimo

Mk.18K Gulak

Mk.22 Griffin

GPM-89 Sentinel

GPM-89V Hammerhead

ZN-119K Golem Kai

OSS-141EZ Maganac

AGG-45 Gwui-Shin

AGG-45GB Fanton

AF-262 Foxbat

GPR-09S Shokew

Mk.24 Triton

PH-0 Acidstorm

NPD Peacemaker

L119 Masada

Special Operations Edit

GPM-89V2 Gundiver

AMX-56X Draken

OSS-142D Dainsleif

OSS-142 Casino

OSS-141 Shadowfortress

OSS-141X Mastermind

OSS-141Y Ghost

GPM-99X Nitro Poseidon

KMS-N9 Night Stalker

NR-Phantom .9d M.A.G.

KMS-L3 Leopold

KMS-R6 Dropkick

ZN-416 Balthazar

ZN-416M Balthazar Marine

Kaiju Edit


King Ghidorah





Tyrannosaurus Magnus
















Parringtonia Madiba







Hybrids Edit

1st GEN Edit





2nd GEN Edit





3rd GEN Edit





4th GEN Edit





Prototypes/Failures Edit