Precursor Danger
JaegerPoster 4
Technical Information
Kaiju Species Jaeger
Breach Date 9th April 2033
Category Category 5
Status Destroyed
Origin Antverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 270 feet
Weight 2,500 tons
Speed 7
Strength 9
Armor 11
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Engage human Jaegars on sight, reckless attacks on city
Toxicity None
Powers Vile Chain Sword

Augmented Plasma Caster

Disintegration Pulser

Nuclear Reactor Turbine

Target Information
City Targeted Seattle, New York City, Portland
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed

Precursor Danger is a Jaeger that was built by the Precursors using the original Gipsy Danger's remains. It is an attempt by the evil aliens to have their own Jaeger to be used for destroying humanity rather than protecting it. They managed to rebuild the original Gipsy Danger and equip it with some alien tech to make it faster, stronger, and more powerful than any human Jaeger. They also designed it so that it can be handled by one Precursor, making it easier to fight with.


Precursor Danger is the Precursor's Jaeger. With the Second Kaiju War going on, one of the Precursors discovered the remains of the now destroyed first Gipsy Danger. They decided to rebuild and use it for evil. They modified it with alien technology to make it a better fighting machine. After it was completed a year later, the Precursors took it out for a test run in Seattle in what is now called the Seattle Jaeger Rampage. Precursor Danger rampaged through the night, with fighter jets unable to defeat it. In the end, Seattle was in ruins.

News of a rampaging Jaeger shocked the PPDC, because it greatly resembled Gipsy Danger. Gipsy 2.0 was sent out to find the Precursor Jaeger and destroy it. But they could not find it. A few days later, Precursor Danger returned to destroy Portland. Gipsy 2.0 AND the rebuilt Striker Eureka were sent out. Precursor Danger, being able to function with one pilot, was able to hold his own against both Jaegers. Finally, they managed to damage the evil Jaeger enough, but Precursor Danger escaped with his flight pack. 

A few months later, Precursor Danger returned, this time taking attacking New York City. The Jaeger ravaged the city, and destroyed the Financial and Midtown districts. Gipsy 2.0 arrived after finding a way to get it to New York, and fought Precursor Danger. Even the new and improved Gipsy Danger was no match for the Jaeger. The humans had no choice but to retreat. The city was destroyed.

After Precursor Danger's successful attacks, the Precursors are considering making more Jaegers.

Later the humans in the San Marino Shatterdome knew the precursors were buliding jaegers to destroyed Earth’s jaegers as scienists found out when drifting into the brains of Merosaurus.


Precursor Danger is approximately 270 feet tall, 10 inches taller than Gipsy Danger. He still maintains the nuclear reactor, but has gone through major changes and new weapons as well. Not only did the Precursors upgrades many of the old weapons, but they also gave it a pop-out cannon on its shoulder that fires a powerful laser. They also gave it jet-packs so it can fly. Overall, the first Jaeger the Precursors built proved to be more technologically superior to its human counterparts.