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Sentinel Defense Corps (or SDC for short) is an alternative force to the PPDC. They were founded in 2035 as a suggestion of the United States Army after the MegaTokyo incident.they are similarly tasked to combat Kaiju and terrorist forces around the globe.

SDC Spartan Helm Logo-36789
Sentinel Defense Corps
Founded 2035
Type Anti-Kaiju Organization and Private Military Corporation
  • USA
  • Britain
  • Japan
"The Path to Success"
Total Number of Employees/Soldiers 15,552,789 (as of 2036)
War Crimes
  • NONE
Founder Michael Nexus


After the Megatokyo incident,it was founded by Michael Nexus as a suggestion from Nick Bale.the intention of Michael was to create an alternative force to the PPDC and the PADC.they are also a big rich military MIXING the American,Japanese and British Military!

Protest against SDC

but after it was founded,a riot of kaiju believers protested against the organization but the riot was shortlived when the soldiers came in heavily armed. And one soldier says "Get out of this world if you worship those goddamned beasts!"

SDC soldiers

SDC soldiers armed with HBRa3 assault rifles

The Success of the organization

The SDC is quicker than its counterparts for example,Blitzkrieg Armageddon attacked multiple Kaijus in a matter of weeks,build and manage MASSIVE Shatterdomes all-day.

Second Kaiju War

They responded quickly alongside SWB's The Venator Taskforce.they were close friends and partners to the TVF.

Shatterdome Locations

  • Los Angeles,USA
  • Anchorage,Alaska
  • Near Tokyo,Japan

Note that every base belongs to SDC have plasma barriers hidden in metal and concrete walls,even underwater attacks cannot be attempted successfly even by a kaiju.

Registered Jaegers

SDC only has some powerful experimental jaegers but SWB suggested me to apply some Jaegers.

some TVF Jaegers are now in here.

Jaegers Image Launched Statistics
Blitzkrieg Armageddon
Guns-out Mode
March 31,2046 Armor:15+



Shaolin Tango
PPDC-SDC render
May 3,2049 Armor:8



Ace Blitzkrieg
SDC Ace Blitzkrieg
January 31,2045 Armor:9



Nexus Paragon(TVF,Temporary) No Image
Razor Ultima(TVF,Temporary) No Image

The rest is classified since Michael Nexus is tired of making tables.(just kiddin')


The Sentinel Defense Corps is not different from PPDC and a rich military.some ranks are militaristic and also PPDC like the ones below.

they have also ranks like Marshal in PPDC. the members ranging from trainers,soldiers,jaeger pilots,mission control room crew,maintenance,technicians,canteen vendors,guards,helicopter pilots,jet pilots and more.

  • Private
  • Seargent
  • Lieutenant
  • Colonel


The SDC is the most powerful Military,surpassing the Atlas Defense Front despite having fewer soldiers,they are deeply militaristic,some high ranking can be part of their LOCCENT command. The Military contains the most sophisticated armored vehicles and equipment like the Exoskeleton and Exo abilities like Hover,Stim,Exo Shield and more. They also possesses Anti-Kaiju weaponry like the MAYHEM K Stunner Rocket Launcher.


There are many of them,but only several can appear due to SDC likes it not to show everything/everyone.


  • Marshal-Michael Nexus (Founder)
  • Marshal-Harry Rhodes
  • Drake Matthew
  • Bill
  • Samantha Anderson
  • Louise Bale-Former command

+More command crew


  • Billy Boggs-Lead designer of Jaegers
  • Larry Larkin-Another new engineer
  • Nora Yetide
  • Usef DeChant-Repair Lead
  • Numerous more engineers



Soldiers/Operatives(805th Spartan Rangers Squadron)

  • Sgt.Gideon
  • 2nd Lt.William Church ll
  • Lt.Andrew Knox
  • Cpl.Nick Bale
  • Pfc.Louise Bale
  • Pvt.Louise Randy
  • Pvt.John Brooks
  • Pfc.Michael Andrew ll
  • Pfc.Chloe Adams
  • Pvt.Yassi Scott
  • Pvt.Glenn Scott
  • Sgt.Pierson Aiello
  • Sgt.Augustine Bryant

+More unidentifiable soldiers

256th Armored Division

M850 Hovertank

  • Claudio Vasquez
  • Tadeshi Kenshiru
  • Eric Scott
  • Miller
  • Mike Harris
  • Richard Pitt
  • Numerous more

M4A3 Titan

  • Kash


Air Force Crew


  • Jefferson James
  • Dimitri Komarov
  • Russell Hustle
  • Gianis Westbrook
  • Mark Lopez

+More unidentifiable crew

Every Fighter Jet

  • Ace Lightning
  • Usef Reyes
  • Sean Bellamy
  • Dennis Gavin

+more unidentifiable jet pilots.


The SDC has the best exclusive vehicles in their military Like the innovative standard issue MBT, M850 Hovertank and the Quad Legged M4A3 Titan.

M850 Hovertank

This groundbreaking advanced tank comes with a self-loading salvo missiles effective against infantry,along with a deadly Smoothbore cannon capable of penetrating not only tanks,but Kaijus,it comes with heavylift turbo engines along with a generator which keeps it afloat,lastly comes with a trophy system and Composite armor.

M4A3 Titan

Being used still by the US Military,this can switch to track mode and leg mode,it even has tougher armor than the Hovertank despite having a weaker trophy values protection over than firepower.

Vehicles Image Vehicle Stats Armaments Manafacturer Armor
M850 Hovertank
M850 Hovertank Render



Main: XMD365 175mm Smoothbore Cannon(Auto-Loader)

Secondary: Xander36 160mm EMP Cannon

SWARM Barrage Missiles

M12 Browning Machine Gun

SDC Dynamics Composite(Tungsten Alloy,Ceramic,Carbon Fiber)

Reactive Trophy System

M4A3 Titan
M4A3 Titan 2 models



Main:Rheinmetal 150mm Smoothbore Cannon(Auto-Loader)

Secondary:PUNISH 120mm Missile Launcher

M88 Browning's Legacy HMG

SDC Dynamics(SDC passed units)

ARM-STRONG Dynamics(Formerly known as the General Dynamics and Land Systems)

Composite(mostly Tungsten and Ceramic Alloys)

Trophy System

SDC Razorback
SDC Razorback concep



Main:Hidden Salvo Missile Pods,Machine Gun,Flares Exclusively the SDC Dynamics Composite
Multi-Dimensional Jet AX338 "Jackal"
Jackal IW



Main: 25mm Dragonfly

X3 Cleaver

Secondary:AGM Missile

SDC Dynamics Composite
Classified Main:M12 HMG SDC Dynamics Composite

SDC has a secret military jeep only heard


The Sentinel Defense Corp soldiers are shortly known as Sentinel Operatives. They have very innovative high-tech and sophisticated equipment on their ground soldiers.only ShatterDome guards have traditional body armor and helmet similar to the ones in the 21st Rapid Incursion Squadron and 39th Panzergrenadier Division.


Image Designation Type Manafacturer Notes

Multi-filtered eye-like goggles along with a full helmet.

Sentinel Recon 88 Edition Titanium-Carbon Ballistic Helmet SDC Dynamics Fully-Bulletproof,highly effective especially night operations(the eyes give away hidden enemies),

Fully Bulletproof with Compartment System

Sentinel Recon 120 Edition Titanium Carbon Ballistic Vest SDC Dynamics Fully Bulletproof with a Modular Compartment System for more attachments like ammo pockets.

Standard Black Coat

Sentinel Recon 13 Military Coat SDC Dynamics Color of the coat changes camoflauge on specific locations like the desert and jungle,fire-proof

Standard Black Trousers

Sentinel Recon 5 Military Pants/Trousers SDC Dynamics Color of the pants changes Camoflauge on specific locations like the desert and jungle,fire-proof

Exclusive Kevlar Boots

Sentinel Recon 1st Boots (Military) SDC Dynamics

Exclusive Sophisticated Exoskeleton

Sentinel SA23WDE23 Assault Exoskeleton SDC Dynamics The ligtest exo of all,has many exo abilities

Exo abilities:

  • Hover-Jump at least 2 stories high,you can boost slam to knock out foes.
  • Cloak-Conceal Yourself (till you shoot) for at least an hour,activated by a wrist computer.
  • Stim-Spray yourself with First Aid Gas,can heal severe wounds
  • Shield-Ballistic Collapsible Shield,can survive at least 80 SDC grade bullets.

Infantry Weaponry/Arsenal

Even though they have these innovative weapons,it can be customized for complex operations and personal references.

Weapons Designation Image Specifications Manafacturer
Assault Rifles HBRa3
SDC grade HBRa3

Standard issue rifle.

Caliber: 5.56x45mm SDC Grade

Effective Firing range: 870 meters

Fire Rate:720-750 RPM

Weigth: 8.1 pounds or 129.6,ounces (with 45 rounds) 9.4 pounds or 150.4 ounces (with 70 rounds)

Magazine:45 rounds fully loaded,70 rounds extended mags

Customizable: Yes(exclusively for optical sigths)

SDC Armaments
Sniper Rifles MORS
MORS SDC prototype sniper

The deadliest sniper!

Caliber: RX338 Energy tips SDC grade

Effective Firing range:4500 meters STRAIGHT

Fire Rate:User Dependent(Bolt Action)

Weigth: 22.9 pounds or 366.4 ounces (with or without plasma coolers)

Magazine: 12 rounds before overheating,18 rounds before overheating (with Plasma coolers)

Customizable:Yes(Exclusively plasma coolers)

SDC Armaments

Rheinmetal Munitions (Ammunition)

Shotguns KRM 36 Gauge
SDC Breacher Shotgun 36-GAUGE

Dragon's Breath!

Caliber: 36 Gauge SDC grade Inciendary

Effective Firing range:40-90 meters(ammunition dependent)

Fire Rate: User Dependent (Pump Action)

Weigth: 6.8 pounds or 108.8 ounces

Magazine: 8 rounds (cannot be extended)

Customizable:Yes(exclusively Smoothbore barrel)

SDC Armaments

Remington Ammunations INC.(Inciendary Ammunation only)

Pistols NOVA-Tec50
ATTILA NovaTec50

50 Cal ligth magnum handgun.

Caliber: .50 Magnum SDC Grade

Effective Firing range: 120 meters Straight

Fire Rate: User Dependent (Semi-auto)

Weigth: 1.4 pounds or 22.4 ounces

Magazine: 15 rounds,30 rounds extended mags


SDC Armaments

NOVA-SOLARTECH inc.(Suppressed and Energy Variant Prototypes)

Anti-Armor /Tank Weapons MAYHEM

The Main Anti-Armor and Kaiju weapon here.

Caliber: 120mm Molten K-Stunner Rocket SDC grade

Effective Firing range: 6780 meters straight

Weigth: 35.6 pounds or 569.6 ounces (empty or not)

Magazine: 1 Single Rocket

Customizable: No

SDC Armaments
Suppresive Fire Gun/Machine Gun LSAT 2035 Edition

Main Suppresive Fire S.A.W

Caliber:51.3 EX Tungsten Round SDC Grade

Effective Firing range:1245 Meters

Weigth:10% Heavier than the HBRa3

Fire Rate: 857 RPM

Magazine:230 Rounds fully loaded,460 (Rounds Heavy Machine Gun Version)

SDC Armaments


Summary of Weaponry

The most common gun there is the HBRa3,it is the standard issue rifle of Sentinel Operatives everywhere,while it is chambered in the 5.56 Cartridge,its bullet is considerably stronger than a 7.62mm round chambered specifically for the M28 EBR and FN SCAR rifles.

The Mors sniper is basically a railgun sniper,capable of operating in bolt action and self-loading semi auto(but quicker to overheat)

The Pistol they have the cutting-edge sidearm that outstands regular pistol due to having 15 50 Cal rounds in one mag at the weight of less than 30 ounces.

The LSAT mg they have was retrofitted to the future,despite no design differences it can have 230 rounds at the weight of just 9.5 pounds due to lightweight materials.

MAYHEM launchers are the deadliest lauchers ever made,can kill Knifehead in just 3 Rockets.


  • It is founded in 2035
  • Every bullet-firing gun in the SDC has sharp tungsten hollow tips.
  • HBR rifles can be made at least 3000 units of it in just a day.
  • The mm/millimeter number in their tanks is a misconception becuase it is relatively lower than modern thanks (for example armata tank:152mm) but since it's bigger,it has a shorter classification system due to statistics policies.
  • The Titan tanks are not only known for its weapons and looks,also for its "Turret Punch" which can bring down an entire gate.
  • Jackal Jets can reach the speed of 4000 mph and can operate in space easily.
  • Sentinel Defense Corps also uses the Mk.18K Gulak in a large amount.