A Category 4 Kaiju that emerged through the Breach along with another Category 4 Kaiju called Nightmare. It was eliminated off the coast of Okinawa by Katana Echo


Shadowfright had a somewhat bird-like appearance to it. Its body was a crimson color with some purple markings decorating its body and two pairs of blue eyes. It also had two bird-like wings hidden inside each of its arms. Despite its size, Shadowfright was incredibly fast and agile in the skies.


Shadowfright emerged from the Breach along with Nightmare, another, much smaller Category 4 Kaiju and made its course towards Okinawa. Katana Echo was deployed to intercept the pair. At first, the two Kaiju used their numbers against the lone Jaeger. In the heat of the battle, Shadowfright revealed it had retractable wings and took to the skies. However, it met its end when Katana shot off one of the Kaiju's wings with a well-placed shot from one of its Plasmacaster and decapitated it.


  • Shadowfright has a body design that closely resembles a character of the same name in an MLP:FIM comic.
  • Shadowfright is the fourth Kaiju to have wings next to Otachi, Hayabusa and Scissure. It is also the third Kaiju to be confirmed to fly next to Otachi and Hayabusa.