“If the kaiju come to our land, we have Skirmish Royal to stop it.”-Nevada PPDC personal

Born in war, Skirmish fought kaijus and threats that cost his sister, Gepard Jigshot. He is one of the most powerful Jaegers in USA. Royal came for miles to stop dangers, and yet has he become victorious over 5 Cat-5 Kaijus. He is also the first to be piloted by a human soul.

Skirmish Royal is the only Jaeger to be a Mark-X, because of the creation of a human soul to a Jaeger.

History Edit

Skirmish Royal was built in the middle of war when kaiju came from the breach underneath Mt.Everest. The PPDC created Royal with a human soul when a kaiju named Vasher attacked China as a Cat V. When Skirmish is finally constructed, a scientist did suicide when his family died at the hands of Vasher, but lived in the core of Skirmish Royal. When he reached Shanghai, Vasher was already unleashing massive damages, with many buildings destroyed and some in fire. The Jaeger was furious and charged the kaiju with a abandoned cargo boat and smacked it face-forward. Vasher recovered and tried to intercept, but Royal landed more blows every second, forcing kaiju blue to somehow leave the kaiju's body. Then, Royal did a power move named Extinction when he released bomb runners called SK-Fighters, as minature drones with huge explosive devices implanted on them and impaled Vasher with a sonic boom. After that, the kaiju struggled to escape, but Skirmish gave revenge on the kaiju with his bare hands.