Technical Information
Given Name Synthetic Mercury
Nickname(s) N/A
Launch Date October 2nd, 2030
Classification Mark I
Status In Service
Country of Origin Hong Kong SAR
Jaeger Specifications
Height 298 feet (90.83 meters)
Weight 2,380 Tons
Speed 8
Strength 13
Armor 10
Battle Specifications
Equipment TY/Escape Hatch

T-16 Angel Wings

08FS/Oceanic Cooling Vents

10TK/Gyro Stabilizers

98BD/Hyper-Torque Drivers

Weapons unknown alien tech blade

X-50 Weapon Mount

Body Language Suprise Stealth Assassin
Power Moves Palm grip backlash

Six Shooter

Elbow Rocket

Jet Kick

Kaiju Killed 8 (To Date)
Out-of-Universe information

Synthetic Mercury is a Mark 1 Jaeger developed by Hong Kong, through economic funding from China. The Jaeger was designed in response to the destruction of Crimson Typhoon, and an answer to the alien-tech Jaeger Precursor Danger.

history Edit

in 1986, Hong Kong found a unknown energy ball as it fell through the sky in Hong Kong. Since before the First Kajiu War started, they never revealed their secret until Precursor Danger attacked. Precursor Danger uses the same energy that Hong Kong has. Then construction begins.


Coming Soon.

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